Every artist has a peculiar place,...to dissapear, in order
to think and to create under his inspiration.
In order to be acquainted on the artistic life of Ignasi Verdós, one book has been published, titled “La captació pictòrica de les atmosferes en el paisatge”. More than 100 oil paintings of this painter are reproduced in full colour, so as his biography and artistic career.

Distribution is made through the bookshop
“El Cau Ple de Lletres”
in Terrassa, Spain or directly by e-mail to the painter.
Workshops /
C/ Escultor Armengol, 96 Local
08226 Terrassa (Barcelona)
Telf: 617 318 481
Fax: 93.786 09 93
C/ Nou, 30 · 08270 Mura